40 year male rt supraclavicular swelling lymph node enlargement ..fnac was done ..hive ur comments for cytological smear



Cellular smears showing loosely cohesive clusters & papilloid sheets of atypical cells with irregular nuclear contour, sparse INIs. Some of the cells are having coarse granules in the cytoplasm. Binucleation noted. No prominence of nucleoli, No mucin, No signet ring cells. No melanin. P/O : Metastatic deposits of Poorly differentiated neoplasm, DDs : Adenocarcinoma or Neuroendocrine or ? Germ cell tumour.

Agreed with Mets but which kind weather squamus or adenocarcinoma.. I saw smear with high cellularity with mostly cells arranged in loose cluster some clusters ball like cells with moderate to high ancytosis as well as ankaryosis ..cells squamus to polygonal with high nc ratio and open chromatin with prominent nucleoli some cells arranged in ball looks uniform round to oval occasionally there are areas of mucin ?? Keratin or proteinous material for my side looks more to adenoma than squamus ..give explatory answers

3 and 6th pictures shows attempted acini formation- Adenocarcinomatous deposits.

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Metastatic deposits Probably from carcinoma. Sug.clinical correlation Search for primary Imaging Excision biopsy and ihc

Metastatic deposits But Lymphoma should be ruled out by doing required investigations

Metastatic deposits

Metastatic ? Adenocarcinoma

Metastatic carcinoma Adv BIOPSY WORK UP

Mets. Adenoca.

Metastatic deposits

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