40 year old male presented with skin condition which is shown in pic.K/H/O chronic alcoholism.TC 13000 ,SGPT 66,T.Billi.1.8,Creatinine. 1.2.kindly suggest diagnosis and management! !My opinion is pellagra!!



Typical locations of pellagra skin lesions.. oral niacin 50 mg tid ,topical emollients , avoiding alcohol , high protein diet with fish , peanuts etc would help

Dermatitis,Dementia and diarrhoea are 3Ds of pellagra. Good one!

Pellagra, tab cobadex forte for one month do niacin levels, and one sunscreen


Its pellagra.. evident from finding and history.. Avoid alcohol..

I agree with Dr V Reddy

Check for the patency of arteries. Chronic peripheral vascular disease.


@Dr. Hardik Patel -pallegra

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