40 years lady Bilateral Groin Swellings Painless Reducible but not fully

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Herniae are very much large,in femoral herniae , since the femoral canals are very narrow obstruction is very common, patient would present with pain and obstruction symptoms early, hence it is more in favour of inguinal herniae, in either case surgery is the final answer and exploration would clinch the final diagnosis.

Bilateral Femoral Hernia.

if resuceble than, femoral hernia. as it's common in female.

Bilateral Also going quite low on left side

Bilateral Femoral Hernia.

Bilateral inguinal Hernia Lipomas

Sub cutaneous lipoma..Excision biopsy is to be done

Looking at the site and appearance, and being non reducible two things are possible: 1. Hemangioma or lymphangioma , if they're compressible. For which ultrasound and or Doppler will add to further diagnosis. 2. Lymphadenopathy, because it is bilateral and is appearing nodular. Similar swellings are to be looked for in axilla and neck. Lymphadenopathy secondary to malignancy or can be lymphomas.

Looks like lipoma.

No it is reducible , bilateral I will send ultrasound CT or other details as soon as ready In the meantime only spot diagnoses N Let us see who is guessing correctly

Femoral herniae

Thanks I will let you know after investigation In the meantime please continue guessing as spot case only Regards

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