40 yr female with thyroid swelling since 2 weeks. Mild pain taken combiflam for the same. T3 T4 TSH is normal. CBC normal. Kindly suggest the management


Dear Govvinda, This is a case of nodular goitre Thyroid. Requires surgical excision. Refer to General Surgeon. You have to follow Surgeon's opinion. HPE should be done after the surgery. Keep monitoring TFT and prompt replacement therapy must be thoroughly sought.

Thanks sir. Does it require complete thyroidectomy?

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Dear Dr Govvinda, I agree with Dr sepuri Krishna Mohan sir view. Its a case of nodular goitre thyroid. Do Anti TPO, ATG and ref pt for ent surgeon. Monitor TFT three month once.

Thanks again dear Sunil


Multinodular goiter,euthyroid state,pain may be due to hemorrhage inside the cystic space due to Infection/malignancy.

@This is multi nodular goitre. Total thyroidectomy is the treatment

Multinodular goitre

Multinodular goitre needs B/L subtotal thyroidectomy sparing parathyroid glands

Refer to ENT Surgeon for thyroidectomy

Features suggestive of neoplasm

Thyroid cyst

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