40 yrs m presenting pain in rt shoulder and arm since 1 month no pain in cervical region no dm or htn please interpret



K think it is more of ACJ degenerative changes. Shoulder per se looks ok. If crossbody addiction is painful the it is from ACJ If rotations are problem then it is from shoulder If radiation is below the elbow then it is cervical spine. So clinical examination is very important

Rt frozen shoulder. TENS. IFT. U/S therapy. Exercise & Physiotherapy. Tab Flupirtine 100mg TDS×10days. Muscle relaxant ointment to apply locally. Hot compression.

This seems to be adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. It takes longer time to resolve sometimes 3 year so. Physiotherapy and active mobilization. Hot fomentation also help. Rule out other association thyroid long corticosteroid therapy.

A case of frozen shoulder ref to physiotherapy.i intra/periarticular in kenacort after exclusion of DM

It's a Peri Arthritis shoulder because more than 90 degree shoulder abduction with internal rotation it's a painful range is peri Arthritis physiotherapy hot water fermentation helps in reduce the joint pain maitland mobilisation @grade 3 shoulder joint stiffness & pendular exercises along with all shoulder active exercises helps to increase the shoulder joint Range of Motion upto maximum range

Adhesive capsulitis/ frozen shoulder, if patient complaints pain in internal rotation of shoulder.. Rx cryotherapy if thr is temderness otherwise hot water formentaion, Electrotherapy modility, do some pendular exercises initialy after couple of days start mild stretching and moblisation of shoulder joint.....

Rt frozen shoulder

@Dr. Syam Sundar Patro sir

Adhesive capsulitis. SWD UST Active ROM exercises Shoulder Mobilisation Exercises

Periarthritis shoulder physiotherapy the besr

I agree
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