Insulin Do's and Dont's

40IU/ML or 100IU/ml,Mixtard insulin 30/70, should use with their respective syringe? I give 2/3 dose in morning 20 mins before bfast and 1/3 dose in night 20 mins before dinner Dosage = 0.5 * Body weight (in kgs) Must mention points upon insulin initiation to the patient - Regarding storage in refrigerators? Regarding insulin vial handling after taking out from fridge? Whether to shake the vial or not before withdrawing the insulin? Anything else you advice to your patients, kindly share



1) Regarding insulin storage - Though it is said that the shelf time is about 1mth at room temperature, but prior to that the cold chain should be maintained till purchase by PWD. It is better to purchase from a good chemist, store in the medicines chamber situated on the door of the refrigerator. 2) After taking out of the fridge, the insulin vial should be kept till it attains the room temperature before use. Cold insulin injection use is painful. 3) Never shake the insulin vial vigorously as it damages the insulin in it. Always instruct to gently mix the mix-acting insulin (30:70 or 50:50) by making the vial or cartridge upside down & vice versa or rolling between palms for 8-10 times. No need to mix clear insulin. 4) Always ask the PWD to check for any flakes or granules seen in the insulin. 5) Always ask PWD to carry insulin in their handbags & never keep them in the box of 2 wheelers or leave the insulin in the car.

With all due respect to Inj. Mixtard that it has served is for many years well I have given up use of inj Mixtard in my practice Because there are superior and safer options available Glargine insulin is easy to titrate, much safer as it has less tendency to cause hypoglycemia and much more effective in getting blood sugar to normal and reduce HbA1c, besides it need to be used only once a day

Shake vials of Mixtard.. gentle circular movements. Store at door tray.

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