40y / m is having this type of skin infection at groin .cap itraconazole 200 mg od for 6 week given but still case relapsing. keto dusting powder .lulicanazole cream given next treatment plan please comments



Try keto 400 od 4 to6 week oint ibernet bd loose & dry clothing rule out diabetes it is tenia cruris

Tinea corporis with secondary infection T/t as Dr.Ramesh kr Singh suggested. Keep the area dry and clean

Teania incognito treat Terbinafine 250mg daily x6weeks will help

stick to standard quality itraconazole like spornox 100mg bd and add antibiotic augumentin tds for 3days.

Tinea Incognito Cap Itriconazole 200 one daily Tab Fluconazole 150 one daily ointment Luliconazole apply locally twice Salsia KT soap for bath

Also try cap isotretenion200 od

Tinea incognito Avoid steroids Continue Itraconazole RULE OUT DM, HIV Personal hygiene Treat contacts simultaneously

Tinea corporis with secondary infection.

Tinea corporis treat with itranox 200 bd and arex 25 at nt and apply candid b lotion for 10 days then shift on candid only washed with ketafung soap and in unani sharbat unnab 10 ml bd habbey musaffi khoon 2 bd and arq mundi 20 ml bd ,,marham quba twice a day

Tinea corporis with secondary infection

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