40year old male c/ burning sensation in left eye since 1 week kindly opine



Marginal corneal keratitis staph aureus is thought to be primary inciting agent.C/s and corneal scraping Treatment should focus on sterile corneal infiltration and bacterial presence over the lid margin.with regards to corneal inflamation corticosteroids low prednislone 0.12% , levofloxacin every three hour ,erythromycin before bed,atropine two times a day.

D/d 1 hypopyon with Pterygeium 2 phlictinular conjunctivitis Adv opthamologist's opinion

Thanx dr Basu Patil

Corneal ulcer

Thanx Basu Patil

This appears to be marginal vascularized corneal opacity following marginal ulcer

Conjunctivitis with cataract dd hypopyon

Cataract with pterigium Opinion of ophthalmologist

D. D : Fascicular ulcer Retained foreign body on cornea.

Corneal opacity, corneal ulcer Urgent ophthalmic opinion


Corneal ulcer(keratitis)

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