40yr m c/o rash over body only in evening with itching subsides its own after 4- 6hrs ,non diabetic wt is the diagnosis &t/t



i agree with dr haresh

Apart from taking symptomatic treatment we have to find the cause if it is a chronic urticaria and hence get his blood checked for Allergy screening test

it is since last 4 yrs ,daily given antihistamines & dewormine bt only temporary relief for 5-6 days again it develops


Get his LFT done.Give Kalmegh churna 1gm Bd for three months

zentel and anti allergic,mahamanjishthadi kadha

blood inv and proper history either he is taking alcohol??? etc

homeopathy is best remady for urticaria according to my experience


it's urticaria. anti histaminic, anti warm, antibiotic ..Lastly inj. cal.gluconate I.v. slow 10 cc daily for 3to5 day.

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