40yr m c/o rash over body only in evening with itching subsides its own after 4- 6hrs ,non diabetic wt is the diagnosis &t/t



Apart from taking symptomatic treatment we have to find the cause if it is a chronic urticaria and hence get his blood checked for Allergy screening test

chronic urticaria or angioderma. tell patient not to eat sour food and acidic fruit too. and also khichadi. use Stimulive syp before meal 10ML BD Give Ranitidine 150mg tab BD for 10to 15/days along wid 3rd generation antibiotic like cefexime. with anti allergic like desloratidine at night.

urticaria Rule out any viral infection &Thyroid function test CBC For eosinophil cont T-Allegra 120 od Hetrazan100mg b I d 21 day Albendazol 3 day od Calcium oral od if not Relief Hydrocortisone Inj iv Daily 5day or tapering dose wysolone

it's urticaria. anti histaminic, anti warm, antibiotic ..Lastly inj. cal.gluconate I.v. slow 10 cc daily for 3to5 day.

homeopathy is best remady for urticaria according to my experience

blood inv and proper history either he is taking alcohol??? etc

if recurring than give Inj. cal.gluconate iv slow 10 cc for 5 day. albandazole 1 wekly for 3 weeks it will cure. and avoid spicy food.


sir Tab.flucon 150 1 day after.only 3dose

zentel and anti allergic,mahamanjishthadi kadha

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