20 month old female child with these type of lesions in groin area and anal area for last 6 months

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Diaper dermatitis due to constant irritation by round the clock use of diapers many times associated with candiasis Tt avoid use of diapers Mometazone+ clotrimazole creams locally Antihistaminic e.g. Atarax
Zinc oxide and aloevera cream is also useful Dermadew aloe nappy cream B4 nappy Easynappy Johnsons nappy cream Himalaya nappy cream
Diaper rash.t/t antihistamics,local emollient, mild steroid cream.
Lesions may be due wet cloths.?tenia infection
Diaper rash ..Ezinapi cream,sy atarax
contact dermatitis
Diaper dermatitis
Diaper dermatitis 1.Keep theskindry, and make sure the skin is not in contact with urine and stool. 2.Change the diaper every time it is wet or soiled. 3.Use a superabsorbent disposable diaper. 4.Leave diapers off as much as possible.Do not use till rashes completely disappears. 5.Protect thehealthy skinnear the rash with a cream such aszinc oxide +aloe Vera combination. Try to avoid steroid combination. 6.Parents has to be more vigilant about baby's soiling of diaper to avoid the rashes in future.
diaper rash. tab zn oxide 10 mg x 7 days along with perenial care. emollients for local application
Diaper rash. Advice syrup atarax and ezinapi cream. Avoid use of Diaper.
Diaper dermatitis Wet clothes Siloderm mixi locally Atarax dps
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