43 year old male c/o dysphagia to solids and peraistent dry cough since 1 month....no comorbidity.. Barium swallow done...Please help in diagnosis and further management...



rat tail appearance wid irregular fillin defect ?? malignancy esophagus

CA oesophagus Go for UGI endoscopic biopsy for tissue diagnosis and CECT chest and abdomen to proceed further

Dry cough probably due to minor aspiration pneumonitis

Achalasia cardia

Stricture upper oesophagus gastroscopy ideal if any suspicious biopsy HP otherwise dilatation

Achalasia cardia Management include Modified heller's operation Forceful pneumatic dilatation of oesophagus can be done

Achalasia Cardia.

.ca of oesophagus

Its a case of CA oesophageal. Endoscopy, biopsy and then further management on HP report. All options are open Sx , RT , Chemo. Palliation by stenting if inoperable.

Achalasia cardia i.e. rat tail sign Ca esophagus ?adenocarcinoma Suggested endoscopy and biopsy

go for oesophageoscopy and tissue biopsy. then proceed

Can't confirm diagnosis on X ray Bird beak sign ? Achalasia ?? Ca Oesophagus

Ca esophagus with aspiration pneumonia causing cough...

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