43 year-old male with a history of chronic kidney disease stage IV secondary to diabetic nephropathy presents with cough, sore throat, and fever. His creatnine level is- 5.6 mg/dl. He has been on antibiotics and diuretics since 1 year but there has not been much improvement. Recent complains of cough and fever have made him weak. On examination there is B/l pitting edema on feet. On lungs auscultaion rales ++. B/l air entry ++ He is kapha vata prakriti. Mala- Sama Jihva - Sama Urine- reduced output and sometimes pain in pelvic region on micturating. D/n frequency- 6-7/3


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पुत्री निधी शर्मा इस रोगी की किडनी डिसिज है आप इस को मेरा फ़ोन नम्बर 9319369184 दे दो किडनी डिसिज पर सफल अनुसंधान किया है अभी रोग बढ़ा नही है इस रोगी को मैं अपनी चिकित्सा से उपचार करना चाहता हूं

Pathological and radiological investigations needed Chandra prabha vati Gokshuraadi guggulu Arogyavardhani vati Dasmulahristha Giloy satva Proper diet management

GLOMERULONEPHRITIS 1. jivitprada vati 2. chandraprabha vati 3. goksurasav 4. giloy ras 5. jamun seed

Pomegranate , coriander juicebeetroot awla carrot juice pineapple with black pepper orange lemon lemongrass decoction carrots apricots sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet water sipping sunshine walk....cold pressed coconut oil massage... prayers

Dear Dr. Nidhi Sharma, Advice for the case. Tab. Gokshuradi Guggulu. Punarnavasav . Cap. Urea 1 tds. Do not abhyanga.

Given in homoeopathically constitutional

Chandra prabha vati Gokshuradi guguul Punsenva mandoor Giloy satva Dashmoolaristh Varunadi kwath

Given constitutional medicine

N.p 200 (1) dose...

Gokshuradi guggulu Punarnavadi mandoor Aarogyavardhini vati Giloy ghan vati Dasmoolarishth

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