45 male swelling over the left ankle. HPE for opinions

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Impressio -Gouty Tophus Dds - Pseudogout / Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease - Rheumatoid Nodule Adv -Clinical Correlation , Biochemical Investigations and Polarising Microscopy

Thanks sir

Pale basophilic proteinaceous material with linear slit like structures. Rim of chronically inflamed fibrous tissue GOUTY TOPHUS Crystals are dissolved in water (urate is water soluble)during routine processing og tissue

D/D1.Myxoid fibroma 2. Chondromyxoid fibroma 3. Myxofibrosarcoma

Sir can it be gouty tophi?

Yes. Tophaceous gout is a dd. Sug clinical correlation ... s.uric zcid ..polarised microscopy for urate crystals


I m poor in histopath as m not doing it for d last many years

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Gout tophus.

Gout tophie

gouty tophy

Tophaceous Gout/ Gouty Tophi.

Gouty tophus

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