45 yrs female , pain around ankle nd heel dx nd mx ??



Plantar calcaneal spur bilateral Look for pain in the weight bearing surface of heel Retrocalcaneal area show spiked calcaneum Look for retrocalcaneal bursitis by swelling and tenderness near tendo Achilles insertion Plantar fasciitis need silicone heel cups Retrocalcaneal bursitis need heel raise Confirm diagnosis clinically Analgesics Chymoral

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In physiotherapy we give faradic foot bath and ultrasound for such case along with rom exercise for ankle and subtalar and lumbrical strengthening.invertor strengthening. Heel cushion as well.

Contrast bath as well.

BIL calcaneal spur and retricalcaneal calcification of tendoachillus, there may be retrocalcaneal bursitis Physiotherapy, rest, MCR footwear, NSAIDS,

Bilateral calcaneal spur. Plantar fasciitis. Calcified tendoachillis. Retrocalcaneal bursitis.

Plantar calcaneal spur bilateral best treatment dryneediling therapy ,deep friction tech and us ionization

B/L calcaneal spur Foot wear modification Advice conrastbath at home Ultrasound also given

Calcaneal Spur bilateral

Calcanean spurs

B/L calcaneal spur (Planter fasciitis) Retrocalcaneal bursitis. Silicon gel pad PHYSIOTHERAPY includes farradic foot bath, UST, Myofascial release technique, Strengthening exercises.

Plantar fasciitis treatment to wear mcp slippers Heel less slippers with medial arch will help Ultrasonic therapy Ice fermentation and immersion method is very useful

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