45yrs old male, day 2 onset, GCS 10/15. Left hemiplegia.Both pupils are normal size n reacting.Dx n Mx???



Right sided BG hemorrhage with mild edema midline shift and intraventricular extension. Initiate AED and antiedema measures. Control BP. Neurosurgery evaluation. @Dr. Jaideep Chandra

Rt gangliocapsurar bleed with blood in the lateral,3rd and 4rh ventricle with brain edema midline shiftto left and early dialatation of left lateral ventricle. Start conservative management,rept CT 12 to 24 hrs. Ref to Neurosurgeon. If no deterioration medical management. WHAT ABOUT THE BP? LOCATION SUGGESTIVE OF HYPERTENSIVE BLEED.

Right Basal Ganglia bleed causing mass effct and midline shift.....urgent decompressive measures and try to lower down ICP

Dx:- intracerebral haemorrhage Rt frontoparaital region.Rx:-conservative line of management :-inj citicholine,iv fluids Dns RL,inj dexamethasone,iv antibiotics iv ,inj lasix Ryles tube feeding and foleys cathetrization .investigation :- complete hypertensive profile workup and routine invstigation must.

Hypertensive haemorrhage with iv extension Can be managed conservatively However an evd will be of great help

Rt side basal ganglia hypertension haem with iv extension

Right BG bleed with IV extension.

I C Bleed wt intraventricular extension Midline shift Watch fr GCS Serial CT head Evacution Antiepileptics If low GCS n pt deteriotate dn Intubation n ventilation

Rt basal ganglia bleed c iv extension

Rt Intracerebral bleed extending into lateral ventricle with midline shift : mannitol, antiepileptics,control Htn, DM If present,

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