46/male known lupus nephritis on steroids now had past history of pulmonary thromboembolism came with breathing difficulty and fever since 3-4 days; interpret cxr



Cardiomegaly Bil diffuse alveolar shadows seen. Pulmonary edema ARDS Viral pneumonia.

Cardiomegaly with diffuse swellings b/l suggestive of pulmonary oedema but there is h/o steroids being pt of lupus so sle should be r/o

Thanx dr Rajesh singh

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Cardiomegaly. Bilateral diffuse alveolar shadows seen Pulmonary edema. ARDS.

Cardiomegaly Pulmonary edema ?ARDS

Cardiomegaly Diffuse Alveolar Shadows Pneumonia

Pulmonary edema with cardiomegaly ARDS

B/L diffuse shadows sparing peripheral areas...Rule out PCP pneumonia or fungal pneumonia...as patient was on steroids and came with history of Fever

Cardimegaly with pulmonary edema ? Secondary to SLE

Bilateral opacities with Cardiomegaly D/d ARDS Viral pneumonia Cardiogenic Pulmonary edema SLE pneumonitis Interstitial pneumonia eg Pneumocystis

Cardiomegaly Pulmonary oedema

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