A 45 yr male comes with dov in LE since 15 days. . His Vn is RE 6/6 LE 6/60.. no h/o HT DM or any other disease. . Spot diagnosis ?


papillitis.. check for rapd.. visual field.. start iv methylprednisolone 1g bd for 3 days followed by oral steroids 1mg/kg taper in 11 days.. also do MRI to rule out multiple sclerosis
seems to be a case of AION,(diabetic papillopathy),check the esr,c reactive protein and visual fields.
Optic neuritis . Get done VEP , color vision , fields with red target... No treatment required per se.
Optic neuritis, check for RAPD, visual fields
Rule out GCA,compressive optic neuropathy. Investigate for ESR,CRP,FLP,FBS,PPBS
Optic Neuritis
Optic neuritis
could be BRVO
BRVO more commonly occur in 5th/6th decade. More commonly involves superotemporal quadrant and AV nicking with soft exudates. Most of BRVO patients(50%) vision will be 20/40 or better.

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Lt sup brvo
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