46f...lesions RT leg 5days..fever+pain swelling+no h/o drugs.. topical...&dm... diagnosis & treatment...



?Lepra reaction

Hansen's disease with Type 2 reaction ?

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Cellulitis r knee joint / has there been any injury / admit iv a biotics / flucloxacillin 500 mgs qid x 7 days / keep leg elevated / nsaids for the inflammation / if injury ct arthrogram knee http rule out osteitis

Can you please enquire & make sure about any past history relating to Hansen’s disease or treatment . As stated by all the symptoms & the morphology of the lesion point towards Hansen’s & type I reaction. If the patient isundergoing treatment for Hansen’s, it’s enough we treat for reaction & continue treatment for Hansen’s . If it's a new case, establish the disease with smears. Until then administer treatment for pain & fever. Bed rest has to be strictly advised. Please post about further development.

When there is no past history, the problem becomes a bit serious . We can’t rely upon sensation because the whole picture gets altered in reaction. Sometimes upgrading & sometimes downgrading during reactions. So, this needs a full evaluation of HD with smear, because treatment of reactions need steroids & institution of Hansen’s treatment. Without any evidence starting Treatment for Hansen’s May bring forth legal tangles. Had the lesion not elevated so well we could have considered Erysepelas. But the lesion is well elevated & the only disease that could come to our mind is Hansen’s & type I reaction. So, a proper evaluation is a must & has tobe done in an emergency basis. Oh h

Lepra reaction.

Haemarthrosis as a result of trauma, aspirate out blood/ blood mixed synovial fluid from knee joint and apply compression bandage.Give antibiotic cefaperazone-sulbactum, linezolid and chymoral forte and give rest to the limb.Keep limb elevated while sleeping or taking rest.Do x-ray and MRI if needed,if there is cruciate ligament injury and then manage that by expert orthopaedic surgeon

Lepra reaction.

Lepra Reaction

B.T Hansen's with Type 1 Lepra Reaction?

No past history sir...no patch in other areas... sensation +...

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