A young female aged 17 years p/w complaints of Altered Sensorium (Sudden onset) and One episode of GTCS....On Arrival she was in post ictal phase and aspirated...comment on her MRI Brain and discuss the findings...

Right sided temporo parietal area of altered signal intensity with diffusion restriction with hemorrhagic transformation- without midline shift. Possible young stroke. Might be in altered sensorium due to post ictal state or aspiration pneumonia. Age however is very less and causes of young stroke need to be evaluated very properly. Neurology opinion as soon as possible. Would prefer larger images and SWI images/CT brain correlation.
Acute stroke....no surgical intervention if patient has aspirated now...need to be haemodunamically stable...repeat CT....follow GCS....Antiepileptics and conservative....consider for surgery later...
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R frontoparietal haemorrhagic stroke with no midline shift.maintenance of airway,aed's and treatment of stroke as per protocol.
Rt frontoparietal hemorrage seen. Treat as per stroke protocol.
Frontal/parietal lesions are acute infarct or stroke
Thanx dr Akhilesh Singh
Area of infarction right parital lobe
Infraction in right partial lobe.
Acute infarct
Infarct in rt temporoparietal region. Clear the airway, suction and rule out aspiration pneumonia, If present take on invasive ventilation. Conservative management is most likely.
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