49 y female anterior neck swelling since few days, TFT shows Hypothyroidism



Colloid Adenomatous goitre

TFT SAYS HYPOTHYROIDISM HPE suggest colloidal goitre

Thanx dr Sabista Naaz

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Nodular Goiter

Kanchnar guggle and shilajeet is advisable in Ayurved.

Usg Neck Along With FNAC To Confirm...

Thyroid nodule RAIUS will confirm the diagnosis

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Micro & macrogollicles with focal mild atypia noted.S/O ? Dual lesion of Follicular Neoplasm & Adenomatous Goitre.Advised correlation with TFT, USG & Bx.

Colloidal goitre in the back ground of benign follicular cell

Simple colloid goitre

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