49 year old female with diabetes mellitus brain injury was referred for feeding tube placement. Endoscopy showed a large ulcer. What are the possibilities



Clinically suspected malignant or ischemic or infective. Stress ulcers are usually small. Biopsy done revealed gastric mucor mycosis. It’s rare invasive opportunistic fungal infection usually seen in immunocompromised. Liposomal amphoterecin is the treatment of choice

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If biopsy is proving mucor then though unusual it's mucor . Mucor still can be super imposed on underlying malignancy so it's important to know whether biopsy was from single site or multiple sites. Liposomal amphotericin B along with fluconazole/ posaconazole is a better choice of treatment. Repeat endoscopy after 3 weeks is advised.Of brain injury is the primary concern.cushings ulcers are small & multiple.,least likely in this situation.

Can be stasis ulcer, stress ulcers or malignant ulcer...Biopsy would be defenative...

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Most likely a malignant ulcer. An endoscopic biopsy will confirm the diagnosis. DD- Stress ulcer also called cushings ulcer

- possibility of H.PYLORI infection - BIOPSY should be done - needs to rulled out malignancy

It could be 1. Carcinoma 2. Peptic ulcer 3. Fungal disease What is the biopsy report

Malignancy. Biopsy will confirm

Ischaemic gastritis, malignancy

Clinically suspected malignant

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