A young female aged 25 yrs presented with complaints of Headache, Vomiting and Blurred vision since 10 days...Mild grade fever (non documented ) was reported....Her MRI Brain and CSF was done...Comment on the differentials and treatment approach to this pt


Chronic meningitis with hydrocephalus ?TBM Must rule out cryptococcus Start ATT with steroid with cerebral decongestant, get neurosurgery opinion for shunt surgery if sensorium not improved with treatment
Complain is just 10 days old ,how can it be chronic? Well I can't read MRI , if I could I will be manning a busy radiology department, my first diagnosis will be migraine.mow we follow up. Wait for the report.
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TBM c hydrocephalus.Start ATT,reduce ICT,if necessary shunt surgery
Thanks Dr Rachna Rani Mam
Protein raise in CSF d/d TBM
Tubercular meningitis
Blood sugar to be mentioned for CSF analysis.tbm.consider cryptomeningits.sent geneecpert and Indian ink crypto antigen CSF culture and sensitivity.check retrostatus also
Diffuse meningeal enhancement with basal exudates with acute hydrocephalus.CSF suggestive of Neuro tuberculosis Suggest ATT with steroids
It's TB meningitis,with hydrocephalus. Lymphocytosis, raised protein and csf sugar looks law so ratio most probably comes low.
TBM .. to look for any cranial nerve involvement.. CSF cbnaat to be done n started on ATT with steroids
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