Diminished vision after Cataract surgery

A 68 y/o female with a visually significant cataract in the right eye was referred for cataract surgery. She had no prior history of ocular surgery. Best corrected visual acuity was 20/40 in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye with manifest refraction of −3.50 sphere and −4.25 +1.25 × 090, respectively. Intraocular pressure by applanation tonometry was 15 and 14 mm Hg in the right and left eye, respectively. Patient underwent surgery but after 2 weeks came back with diminished vision. visual acuity declining to 20/250. Kindly suggest a management.

Capsular phimosis with lens matter release phimosis cutting central rim from two central areas 180degree apart there is some lens matter may also aspirate
Capsulophimosis following small capsulorhexis and inadequate cortex wash Need surgical capsulorhexis
Capsular phimosis Nd yag radial capsulotomy
Agreed with Dr.Sujan Singh
Capsular phimosis