Dr.Grauvogi has divided Patient's in 3 constitutions namely---,The HYDROGENOID Constitution, which is characterised by an excess of HYDROGEN & consequently of water in human system. The OXYGENOID ,which is characterised by an excess of OXYGEN or at least , by exaggerated influence of OXYGEN on the organism The CARBO-NITROGENOID Constitution, which is characterised by an excess of CARBON & NITROGEN in the organism. The Hydrogenoid Constitution corresponds closely to Hahnemann's sycotic whereas Oxygenoid Constitution corresponds to Syphilitic . The Carbo-nitrogenoids corresponds Hahnemann's Psoric. In order to combat diseases under the various Constitutions we must treat them with remedies indicated in the corresponding Constitutions given by The Master--Dr.Hahnemann

Thank you Sir. Psoara sycosis and syphilis Pseudo psora (tubercular) malaria miasm Laprosy miasm and secale miasms are branches of maim three fundamental miasms.
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Dr.Von Grauvogl...Constitutional Remedies is a world on its own like biochemic salts,bach Flower, Bowel Nosodes..Tautopathy.I thank you for this post...
Pls allwase in contact with dowel nosode with fallowing drugs
Ple read Farmington m medicafor constitution tratment
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