A 2-year-old male was presented with altered mental status. He has a past medical history significant for sickle cell anemia (Hb SS) and hemophilia B. The patient also has symptoms of nausea and vomiting on the day of admission. CT of the brain is attached for reference. Plz, suggest the line of treatment.

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Complete ct brain is Not attached. However Lt temporo - parietal intracranial hematoma surrounding gliosis , maybe intraventricular hemorrhage and cerebral oedema. Simultaneously secure and maintain ABCDE and Vitals. Need Urgent reference to Neurosurgeon for intervention - evacuation And paediatric neurologist. Paediatric Neuro ICU observations and monitoring. Need further evaluation,Rx &followup
Massive intracranial bleed TP region with surrounding oedema n mid line shift to rt.
All pictures not posted.. But looks like needing evacuation with due risks
Need factor viii level, ix level. Infusion factor viii . Do a Bethesda test for inhibitor assay. Take measures to decrease raised icp. After factor viii level ^ 20 then try surgical intervention.
Left thalamocapsular bleed . FFP, and Antihemophilic factor PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGEON CONSULTATION IN NEURO ICU .
Haemorrage rt frontal. Infuse factor 9. Give mannitol, monitor vitals. Supportive treatment also.
Massive intracranial bleed TP region with surrounding edema and midline shift to right.
Acute large cerebral bleed with mild mass effect
It side temporal haematoma
Temporal Hematoma

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