Patient has this swelling since yesterday she says that it swelled because of rubbing left eye more during face massage as she felt pain on the eye lid Can this be a case of cellulitis? she is also a patient who is suffering from gout, anemia,and vasculaitis


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Stye with tiny skin abscess. But it is not blepharitis which is bilateral,affects all four lid margins +never painful and always a chronic process.
Looks like stye. Topical antibiotic drop and ointment u can give follow up after 3 day to check local signs of preseptal cellulitis
Look like Externum Hordeolum
I agree with Dr E Ahmed.
Thank u sir

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Style or acute meibomianitis : Rx : Rx is same for both conditions. Tab . Paracetamol x 7 days. Tab . Doxycycline x 7 days. Tobramycin , chloramphenicol & moxifloxacin eye drops 1 & half hrly x12 days.
Oedema with hyperaemia.on lt.upper eye lid may be due to allergic to message. Material or allegra Tab zifi and local betnovate n
She has seborrhoic dermatitis all around her that the reason for the stye and a possible future blepheritis?treat seborrhoea .
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