58yrs old diabetic male wth complaints of chest dscomfort, fever wth night sweats,kindly provide ur expert opinion aftr having a look at the pleural fluid analyss report and gvv us ur expert opinion,.Xray f the patient befre pleural tapping


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Cxray shows moderate pleural effusion on rt side. Adv diagnostic and therapeutic pleurocentesis. As lymphocytic predominance, consider Koch's or malignancy. If high ADA, and fulfils lights crieteria, with high ESR ,may consider AKT.
TRACHEA IS SHIFTED TO LEFT Rt pl effusion History + findings + pl fluid exam Suggestive of tubercular etiology Pl fluid protein LDH ADA = REPORTS ?
we r awaiting those reports sr,thanks fr ur opinion sr
Send ADA and cbnaat culture and cytology of pleural effusion And sphutum cbnaat and afb.... It may be tubercular
Rt plural effusion. ? Tubercular. ??malignant
thank u sr
Rt p effusion Tubercular..
xray of the above ptnt