65 years female Painless nodular grouped lesions on Right side of the cheek since 10 years. no pain no itching, changes in the inner side of mucus membrane of the cheek. now I am doing all investigations. again I will send investigations. what are your primary impressions on this case ? probable diagnosis ?



Respected SIR, - Multiple Discolored Raised NODULAR Swellings, Probably due to Overgrowing of Scar Tissue--- - My Provisional DX--- --- ACNE KELOIDS. - Causes: - Keloid forms when Body Scarring process Overreacts to a Skin Injury or Condition, leading da formation of Scar Tissue may Trigger a KELOID SCARRING, as da Damage done to Skin by an Acne Episode may Provoke KELOID SCAR formation as da Skin Heals--- ADDITIONALLY, Formation of Keloids due to--- 1. AS A RESULT OF SURGERY 2. CHICKEN POX 3. NEEDLE PUNCTURE 4. INJURY OF DA WOUND 5. BURNS --- I M EAGERLY WAITING FOR UR VALUABLE OPINION, THANKS @Dr. P.kishore Kumar SIR -
Keloid like nature
Keloid Itchy , irregular,firm nodule and plaques running a chronic course. Rx Topical steroid. Intralesional steroid. For resistant cases, Cryotherapy. Surgical removal.
Yes Dr. Dhara ACNE KELOIDS Good explanation Dr. Dhara. It is hyperactivity of healing process at injury site .
Thanks a lot SIR---
Nodulocystic acne??
Acne keloids
Acne Keloid
I can see open comedons here. Probably it's a case of senile comedons with modules.
Acne keloid Prog poor TT . acid flour 200 Silicea 6x tds
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