4mths baby is having these lesions shown in images. Hb %- 6.5gm, tlc - 13,000 and PLT - 43,000. in addition to these lesions the baby is having a subconjuctival haemorrhage on left eye.



Anemia with leucocytosis with throbocytopenia with oedema foot sub conjuctival haemorrhage oedema due to thrmbocytopenia with blood disorder

May be ITP, sepsis, late HDN, malignancy. Peripheral blood smear study, sepsis screen, bone marrow study, PT, aPTT, INR are needed.

Late onset hemorrhagic disease of newborn . Pt aptt

Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy is a possibility but thrombocytopenia could not be explained...

Late HDN and hematological malignancy could be dd... CBP with peripheral smear and reticulocyte count, PT , APTT would help

How's the feeding and activity of the baby sir ?

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Kawaskis syndrome


DD Thrmbocytopenia with? eczema? Wiskott Aldrich syn ITP

Why thrombocytopenia in hdn.its due to def of vit k dependent factor and never thrombocytooenia is associated. Here we have to think of congenital hypoplasia of BM. Such Causes r manifold.

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