c/o perianal worms+

4yrs male child c/o itching over perianal region,worms present over the anal,perianal region .Rx and dx

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Seems to be PINWORM infestation. However rule out Whipworm infestation taking h/o Bloody diarrhoea, Vomiting, Pain abdomen, Weight loss. Rx. 1. General measures : -Ask for washing of hands frequently specially before and after meals. -Ask to avoid scratching of anal area, licking/sucking of fingers, walking bare foot, deficating in open field. 2. Medication : -Treat all the family members simultaneously who are above 2 Yrs old. -Antihistaminic of choice to relieve itching. -For Pinworm use any one of the following (adult dose above 2 Yrs) ..... (a) Mebendazole 100 mg single dose (use restricted due to bone marrow suppression in some) (b) Albendazole 400 mg single dose (safest) (c) Pyrantal Palmoate - 11 mg per kg with maximum of 500 mg single dose. Dose can be repeated after 3 weeks if needed. ** For Whipworm Mebendazole is preferred. Which is given 100 mg BD for 3 days. May be repeated after 3 weeks.

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Deworming is necessary with albendazole ivermectin nitazoxanide Every six month deworming necessary


Typical enterobius vermicularis Seen Rx albendazole 400mg suspension Daily for 3days Adv personal hygiene

Enterobius vermicularis.

Enterobius vermicularibandyplus

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