4yrs male child have these lesion over rt. Leg from more than a month.. Itching present.. What is Dx



Dermatitis ?

Infected scabies Improve personal hygiene Permithrine oint 5%30gm to be applied all over body at a time and to be repeated after one week Orally atarax syp Azithromycin 100mg od Adv moisturisers in routine

Eczema Drug sensitivity Fungal infection Crusted scabies

Eczematous Dermatitis ? Nutritional deficiency

Thank you, Doctor


Eczematous dermatitis with Scabies

Scabies with eczematisation

Eczema Mometasone cream Moisturising lotion

Dermatitis with fungal infection

Dermatitis dd tenai look for other site then decide

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