4yrs old boy having this type of signs on tongue, what's this and plz suggest treatment


This is geographic tongue If asymptotic no Rx

this is certainly not geographic tongue.

more common in adults . In kids and children iron deficiency and malnutrition symptoms reflects on tongue . Any intestinal worm infestation also effects on tongue .

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Geographical Tongue. . Rules out vit b 12 , iron deficiency. . Start imperical treatment with inj vitcofol. Start becosule Z . Assure patient about its not a worry about Disease. . Avoid spicy foods

It's suggestive of geographic tongue and no treatment is required!

Geographical tongue. It is a sign of atopy. No treatment is required. Disappear by itself.

Glossitis due to malnutrition and vitamin deficiency . * face is more of puffiness we can predict Iron deficiency anemia also.

Geographical tongue



Glositis if symptomatic Local B complex + lignocaine gel &B COMPLEX TABLETS

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