5 month babat having perianal excoriation with itching..no loose motion, no mucous and bloody stool, no fever.. what is possibility and management

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This is pruritis ani due to sugar/lactose intolerance causing frequent loose motions and mother keep scurbbing the area with cloths of any kind not sanitized. Check stool for sugar cbc bsl Rx siloderm oint frequently in a day till lesion heals and avoidence of lactose(milk) or sugar in feeds

2° lactose intorerance or cows milk protein allergy;if started; mother shld b adviced to stop milk n milk products of any kind.weaning can b started at this age with rice n cereals along with amino acid formula.stool examination for ph n f reducing substance .give sucral ano ilointment.

Get stool examination for Ph and reducing substances, complete examination. It may be a case of lactose intolerance. Stop milk feed.give lactose free diet Probiotics Siloderm cream for local use.

stool for reducing substance siloderm cream application sporolac tab bid for 7days

Can it be a case of anal candidiasis?

Intertrigo/ perianal dermatitis

Intertrigo/siloderm mixi oin

Candidial intertrigo

Perianal dermatitis

- It's perianal Anal dermatitis with anal Candidiasis - Clotrimazole cream - Diapers rash cream - Hygiene should be maintain specifically wet diapers for prolong period should be avoided.

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