5 mos old baby with a swelling at the rear end of the head.Diagnosis?Management?When to operate?How to operate?What to be careful of in the post-operative period?



Large occipital encephalocele... should be operated within 1 year of age... operation is reparative surgery with preservation of Brain matter n watertight dura closure....carefull monitoring postop to look for csf leak n need for vp shunt

1 yr of age?Could be elaborate?In text books they say as early as possible,but due to anaesthetic considerations and for good post-op recovery-they consider between 3 to 7 mos.

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It is a neuraal tube defect-definitely not containing brain.The contents could be fat or fluid.could you suggest how to differentiate the two and what image sequence is needed.

It is a case of occipital encephalocoele with hydrocephalus.rule out meckel gruber. Dandy walker syndrome. Requires urgent surgical intervenrion.thanks

Occipital Meningocele .Immediate surgery to be done

occipital meningomyelocele. immediate surgical intervention. If associated Cong anomaly of spinal cord and ventricle is there prognosis is poor. Hydrocephalus,meningitis and sequelae might be there after surgery.

communicating hydrocephlous

occipital meningo mylocele

looks like meningocele

occipital meningocele .prognosis poor

Dear Dr Meshram,could you please elaborate on poor prognosis.It surely does not contain brain tissue