50/f having productive cough since 10 days and fever since 2 days, no weight loss, appetite decrease, ex chulha worker. no other complaints. plz suggest d/d


Nothing much significant in cxray and CBC. Treat symptomatically with steam, neb bronchodilators, mucolytics, broad spectrum antibiotics etc. Mentain hydration. Smoking cessation.

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Cardiomegaly with unfolding of aorta There are illdefined shadows hilar region b/ l may be pulmonary artery suggest copd with pah r/o corpulmonale There is mild chest infection as leucocytosis is present lady is anaemic with plt towards lower side Rx broadspectrum antibiotics like amoxyclav625mg 1bd Tab pulmoclear 1bd Expectorants Antipyretics Diuretics Monitor bp and bsl If dysponea is present add nebulisation

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Polymorphleucocytosis with Anaemia in a case of Chest Infection. Xray chest nothing suggestive except slight rotation. Mild to moderate leucocytosis & Anaemia BS antibiotic Mucolytic Expectorant PCM Multivitamin

Allergic bronchitis Bronchovascular markings prominent Leucocytosis Adv MP malaria antigen test widal test urine test Tab augmentin 625mg BD Tab leon 500 mg OD Syp macbary xT 2tsp tds Cap AB Phyline 100mg BD Tab dolo 650

BS antibiotics iv bd slowly. Expectorant and Bronchodilator orally. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Improve general health and personal hygiene

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Peri menopausal lady, productive cough, fever, leucocytosis, anemic, most likely case of bronchitis, UTI , typhoid, viral. Some other investigation suggested, urine routine check, blood sugar. Presumptive treatment, course of antibiotics like augmentine cap 625 mg 12 hrly, anti tussive expectorant, a bronchodilator, and antipyretic NSAIDS paracetamol 500mg 8hrly. Thanks Dr Robin Nirwan

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Rotation +. Chest scan NAD.

Leucocytosis bronchitis sy ambrodil plus ml tds aug625 tds sy10 ml

Leucocytosis Definitely lesion of pneumonitis in lt cardiac region R/0 sarscov2 RT PCR hrct

Broncho vascular markings prominent on rt side ESR n sputum for AFB should be done Antibiotics Expectorants

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