50 male history of slip and fall at home today.. previous history pain in hip is there and associated with back pain.. slowly hip pain reduced.. no history of RA.. he could sit in a chair he could not walk properly even before fall also.. diagnosis and treatment..



That ankylosis makes it easy ,go for osteosynthesis with multiple ccs or DHS with antirotation screw. 2nd option- take down THR but High risk of heterotrophic ossif., hip dislocation as abductors will be compromised. I prefer osteosynthesis frst.... if not satisfied u can go with THR later after 6mnths. Thanku.

Neck femur fracture

Ankylosis of Lt hip w # NOF and inferior pubic ramus. Needs THR

Ankylosis lt hip with # neck of femur. THR lt to be done

Fracture at neck of left femur and inferior ramus of left pubic bone.

A previosly ankylosed hip with a fresh fracture at neck.Fixation of fracture or THR.

Ankylosis with # neck of femur

Multiple myeloma

Fracture neck of femur

Lt hip joint OA/ ankylosis/ avascular necrosis of head of femur; osteoporosis of femur # of neck with inf Ramus of pubis # ??

Lt nof #

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