50 y old female pt come with these lessons since 1 month. For this she use candid mouth paint but no relief. No h/o HT.DM .she takes treatment for back pain 0ne month ago. Now she takes only only one inj daily which immage has attached. plz dx n rx



Oral candidiasis with deficiency disease maybe Anemia. First off see the teeth. Biting teeth or sharp teeth grinding of teeth. control sugar at any cost. Tab Fluconazole 150 weekly for 4 months Tab Metronidazole 400 TID for 7 days Tab Folic acid OD for one month Cream Laxanox application Betadine gargle maintain oral hygiene.


Wickhams striae, which are reticular, is oral lichen planus, treatment inj kenacort intralesional with xylocaine.cap Rebagen, lycopene caps.

Yes it is Lichen Planus of oral cavity.Start with short course steroids along with Levocetrizine + Montleucast sodium.Avoid spicy foods and Vit.c containing foods.

oral lichen planus involving buccal mucosa and tongue. treatment involves stress management . oral prophylaxis for removal of local factors. for symptomatic relief top. kenacort 0.1 % oral paste tid for 7 days. cap. octoxid/ lycored OD for 1 month.

lichen planus is autoimmune disease. how come local factors ( what u mean by that)? and ma'am as it's autoimmune and asymptomatic it's really need treatment?

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Oral lichen planus Ointment Oral prophylaxis Maintain oral hygiene Mouthwash Multivitamins

It's lichen planus ... There's healing which is evident due to Melanosis. Advise kenacort .1% TDS for 15 days . Then review. And continue accordingly but keep a review . Advise to maintain oral hygiene especially.. Plus advise alprazolam if patient is stressed n not sleepin

reticular lichen planus

lichen planus/ lichenoid reaction....advice .kenacort oral paste and aloe vera juice....Tantum oral rinse if patient has burning

ya looks like lichenplanus.topical steriod and lycopenes

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