50 yr old truck driver,smoker,tobacco chewer with bad oral hygiene,presented in my clinic with large ulcer with everted margins and slough in the centre.spot the diagnosis.



Chronic traumatic ulcer converted to squamous cell carcinoma. Need excisional biopsy. Followed by antibiotics (amox/clav 625 mg tid metronidazole 400mg tid) Analgesics /anti-inflammatory Multivitamins /antioxidants Need to maintain hyiegene If Patient left all habits give good results

Sq.cell carcinoma please do Biopsy.

Encourage to Stop smoking and use tobaco products...do imaging..f/b bx f/b sx

Most probably it's the sq.cell carcinoma ...please take biopsy for confirmation

? Squamous cell carcinoma.pl do biopsy and hp

Thanks everyone for your contribution. Indeed it is squamous cell carcinoma. Pt. has been sent for further treatment


Verrucous carcinoma...biopsy for confirmation

Squamous cell carcinoma Bu Biopsy

Tell the ill effects of tobacco chewing and smoking and to stop it asap...looks like squamous cell carcinoma...confirm it by biopsy...for bad oral hygiene can do scaling and recommened chlorhexidine mouthwash along with antibiotics and B- complex for 14 days

Squamous cell carcinoma ... confirm with a biopsy

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