50 yrs f presenting swelling whole body = 5-6 months no dm or htn



- Severe HYPOTHYROIDISM, with URICEMIA with UTI with with Mild Renal Parenchymal Disease--- - Urea, BUN, Creatine--> Slightly Raised--- Plenty of Pus Cells--> 20 -25--- ESR - 58, Raised, N- 86%, Bcoz of UTI? - PROTEIN restricted diet--- - Eltroxin 25 ODAC, at starting dose---> increasing slowly - Febutas 40, ODPC, at HS, (if Symptomatic)--- - Cefixime 200, BDPC for 10days - Nephrosave forte at HS--- - Adv. BS(PP)---

Pt seems to be hypothyroid with uti Rule out sepsis as total count of 13,000 Control uti with urine culture and sensitivity and appropriate antibiotics. Renal friendly antibiotics must. Urea and creatinine raised , HB normal level May not be a case of ckd. Do USG abdomen to see kidneys size and any renal stones which can cause urine stasis and finally uti. Start T.eltroxine at 150-200microgram Review after six weeks and u can decrease or increase dose.

This female patient with such high levels of TSH definitely requires Thyroid Replacement therapy alongwith Anti- TPO and Thyroglobulin antibodies....KFT is also deranged...need to know kidney size....treat acute UTI with Nitrofurantoin and go for conservative management

Hypothyroidism with UTi Start Levothyrixine1.6mcg/kg bdywt KFT altered so kidney friendly antibiotics for UTi.Anti-Tpo antibodies ;Thyroglobulin antibodies,freeT3&freeT4;lipid profile, USG abdomen to b done Adjust d dose after 45days after repeating Thyroid profile

1.6 mcg/kg of levothyroxine. Anti TPO antibodies. Examine for goitre. Possibly pernicious anemia leading to B12 deficiency causing macrocytosis. Inj. Optineuron I.M. daily for a week, weekly for a month, and then monthly

Hypothyroidism. Ac. UTI, AKD. Start Thyroxin at 100mcg odac then gradually titrate the dose, treat UTI with quinolone/ Nitrofurantoin + alkali, USG thyroid, biopsy, anti thyroid antibody, 2D- ECHO, x-ray chest, urine CS etc

Pt. have hypothyroidism. Do Antithyroid antibody. USG of Thyroid. Pt. Require thyroid replacement therapy. And Regular follow up examination and according Titret the dose.

Female pt with very high TSH, high wbc,pus cells in urine. Can be hypothyroidism,uti.

TSH is grossly elevated suggesting hypo functioning of thyroid needs T4 substitution

Severe hypothyroidism with hyperuricimia with mild renal impairment. Start eltroxin

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