diagnose nd suggest treatment

50 yrs old male hypertensive , suffered acs in october , stent placed in right coronary artery , is on telmisartan metoprolol aspirin clopidogrel glyceryl trinitrate ...complaining of headache genralized vomiting nausea since 12 days few days after stenting procedure was done , bp was 90/75 even without telmisartan yesterday ...is this side effect of any medication or patient is developing any vascular episode ...


Nausea and vomiting can be caused by combination of ecosprin and clopidogrel One of the antiplatelet agent can be changed to a newer and better molecule

Likely due to vasodilators effect of nitroglycerin It is vascular headache Rx tab domcet or grenil 1tds Tab sibelium 10mg 1od at bedtime Tab stemetil 5mg 1tds Review after 3to5 days

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