50 yrs old menopausal hypertensive presented with something cuming from vagina. diagnosis and management



This originating from the vulval skin ,pedunculated skin tag (polyp) of vulva Needs excision a history patho of the polyp.

histo patho

looks like pedunculated vulval lipoma or fibroma

excision and biopsy is the treatment

Pedunculated polyp or fibroid . Can be exised and sent for HPE

it looks like a fibroma or a fibromyoma.it requires excision and histopathological examination.

it's look like lipoma, do the excision and send for biopsy.

Looks like vulval wart. excise and send it for histopathological examination. share the report of HPE with us also

Pedunculated polyp

Pedunculated polyp, advised excision & histopathology.

Excision and HPE

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