52 year old with a h/o inferior wall MI in the past presented to the ER with c/o substernal heaviness. ECG was recorded. Share your views.



Old inf wall ami with multiple pac, with wellen type a syndrome. Rule out inferior wall aneurysm as there is St elevation in inferior lead with pathological q wave.

It's a case of inferior wall myocardial infarction with ectopics

Inferior wall Stemi with type A Wellen syndrome with multiple ectopics

Inferior wall MI

Poor R wave progression across the chest leads LVH with strain (avl) Old IWMI Multiple pac Wellen's type 1 syndrome

IWMI with atrial ectopics

St segment elevation in ii and avf with t wave inversion in precodial leads,go for trop I, thrombolise if within period,give antieschemic and adv for angiography

Hyperacute Inferior wall MI.

St elevation in 3 avf biphasic wellens t waves in v234 s/o multi vessel CAD PAMI will be more useful

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