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52 yrs female with left side cervical swelling for 4 months measuring 4×3 cm. firm , mobile nontender.

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epithelial mets with granulomatous reaction - probable primary nasopharynx.

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Non caseating granulomatous lymphadenitis however some clusters show large atypical cells to rule out mets

Granulomatous lymphadenitis with few atypical epithelial cells.Rule out lymphoma/metastatic deposits.

Metastatic deposits with granulomatous reaction. Sug.clinical correlation Imaging Excision biopsy

Metastatic deposits in lymph node. Kindly evaluate for primary site.

Dual lesion, Metastatic carcinomatous deposits & Granuloma.

Thank you doctor

Metastatic deposits and granulomatous lymphadinites

Metastatic deposits and granulomatous inflammation

Metastatic deposits with granulomatous reaction.

Metastatic carcinoma with granulomatous reaction

Metastatic deposits with granulomatous reaction

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