6 year old boy with delayed milestone and subtle mental retardation .. Clue to diagnosis ? ... Large head ..


It's megancephalic leucodystrophy with sub cortical cyst ... Described by dr Bhim Singhal in Agrawal family
Down syndrome
Canavans disease... child wid macrocephaly and mental retardation... it is a neuro degenerative disorder
MRI suggestive of increased subcortical white matter though there is increase signal density in periventricular white matter.it appears to be white matter disease c megalencephaly.d/ d is either canavans/ Alexander. will dependent on prescense of seizures and age of onset .

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No it's megelencephalic leucoencephalopathy with sub cortical cysts( vanderknapp disease)
Yes,, there is cyst formation in bilateral anterior temporal poles,, so vander knapp
Dolichocephaly ...., preamature , LBW at birth .
vanderknapp disease due to sub cortical Cyst.
vandernaap, s disease with subcortical cyst
rickets following malnutrition
Canavan disease or alexanders
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