53 year old male Patient complain of skin lesion over the arm, hands, legs present since 2 weeks. Itching and fever is present. non diabetic patient. patient is irritable, crave for cold. what is the diagnosis and treatment please.

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Dr Kamal & Dr Dipti Craving for cold water or ice means there could be anemia also. Parvovirus B19 infection can trigger an acute cessation of red blood cell production, causing transient aplastic crisis in patient predisposed by Iron deficiency anemia which is sometimes fatal. Papular, purpuric eruptions more on the hands and feet aka Gloves and Socks syndrome of Parvovirus B19 infection. Please do a complete blood count. Do an ANA & Ds DNA titre to rule out collagen vascular disease.

Thanks for your valuable opinion @Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad sir.... Sir, What about its incubation period and mode of transmission?

Around 10 to 14 days incubation. Transmits when patient sneezes on others, or people who come in contact with nasal secretions.

It's, viral infection, or Side effects of drugs, or Cold drink /Alcoholic Rashes Nux Vomica,Ras Ven,Apis Mel, helpful medicine.

It may be viral or drug allergy, Please telus are any throat pain He has?

Fever blisters . Detailed symptoms ,&proper investigation please .

Viral infection?

It is suspected,viral Hemorrhagic fevers rashes, dengue NS1 investigate, it is use rux fox,ledam pal,arnica can be use,.also check platelet's if lower than pappy's juse. I'd useful.

Nux-vocima Belladonna

It may b a case of Petechial Heammorhage or some drug reaction. some more details shud be collected n then proper remedy cud be prescribed n in Homeopathy it cud be cured

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