53 yrs old presented with h/o post menopausal bleeding since one wk . pt had H/o multiple fibroids was advised hystrectomy 7 yrs back.she was advised usg that showed multiple fibroids . so EB done . as report showed leiomyosarcoma she was advised MRI .Report attached. finally TLH with pelvic lymph nodes removed and sent fr HPE. Uterine leiomyomasarcoma (LMS) is a smooth muscle tumor arising from the muscle part of uterus. LMS develops approx in 1 to 5 out of every 1000 women with fibroids. LMS is associated with specific genetic and environmental risk factor. LMS symptoms may vary most common abnormal uterine bleeding mostly Pm bleeding or may present with fever fatigue wt loss or generalised feeling of ill health. LMS being malignant may spread locally or to other areas of body specially lungs and liver often causing life threatening complication. LMS diagnosis by biopsy CT scan MRI andFNAC. LMS treatment is surgical removal of tumor. may have radiotherapy after surgery. chemotherapy is also used fr recurrence or spread.@



Being malignant condition,chances of spread I would like to do open surgery so chances of local spread would be minimized as in TLH we have to do morcellation of specimen at time of delivery of specimen, also chance of spread will increase with suction and irrigation.

Morcellation was not done at all. Thought of open initially but went off very well with TLH.

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