54 yr female lump breast 1.8 cm at 9-o-clock right breast. Pus like aspirate



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Acute and chronic inflammatory cell Cyst macrophages Necrotic debris Inflammatory granulation tissue Abscess of some duration. DD granulomatous mastitis. Adv. CBNAAT of aspirated.

Inflammatory exudate Macrophages Necrrotic debris Inflammatory granulation tissue. SUBAREOLAR ABSCESS /ZUSKA S DISEASE/MAMMARY DUCT FISTULA. d.granulomatous mastitis

Histiocytic predominant inflammatory like lesion.P/O : *? Granulomatous Mastitis. *? Rosai Dorfman Disease. In view ofcthe emperipolesis.

D/D1.Granulomatous mastitis 2. Pyogenic lesion Clinical evaluation and culture sensitivity test for needful

Thanx dear doctors, AFB negative , Reported as Granulomatous mastitis, T B is a possibility . Further clinical work up

Necrotizing granulomatous mastitis

Acute Suppurative lesion/ Breast Abscess or ? Fat necrosis. AFB : Negative.

Necrotic tissue Degenerated cells Inflammatory cells cyst macrophages ? Atypical ductal cells

Granulomatus mastitis

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