54 yr female with reddish discoloration in nape of neck, hands, groin region, Diagnosis and treatment



Fungal dermatophytosis to be ruled out. Skin scraping microscopy. History missing for proper diagnosis

Urticarial rash

Ínflammatory superlficial Keratolytic well-defined Dermatophyte INFECTION...Topical Antifungals like Azole group.

Urticaria..Anti allergic ointt. Tab Levi cetrizine

Thanx dr Mansour Zaal

Urticaria due to ornament allergy....cloben gm cream to apply , cetrine tab , fluconazole 200 mg tab every alternately at least 7 tabs , Becosule cap to be contd

I think if it is urticaria then no need of fluconazole??

Thanx dr Skand Mishra

Urticaria Antihistamine orally. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply calamine lotion than clobestol oint locally.

Thanks Dr Mishra.

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Picture shows local urticaria rx steroid and antiallergic locally clop-e or calosoftaf lotiontwice daily. History is insufficient.

But the lesions are also present in groin
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