What is this mass?

47 years old female has a history of Melanoma of the lumbar region. For a few months she has been complaining of the disturbed menstrual cycles and deep pelvic pain. He undergoes an MRI of the pelvis which highlights bilateral swelling of the uterine appendages. Therefore, she is subjected to Hysteroannectectomy What can you diagnose from these images?

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Hysteroannectomy with enbloc rectal resection with cytosurgery of epithelial ovarian neoplasm...with aduvant chemotherapy...?
•Extra-peritoneal hysteroannessiectomy with eventual concomitant en bloc rectal resection and cytoreductive surgery in epithelial ovarian cancer (and other peritoneal surface malignancies) •Hysteroannexectomy : Surgical removal of Bilateral adnexae ( ovaries & tubes) along with Hysterectomy.

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Radical hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
Suspected ovarian carcinoma advised histopathology
Suspicious of ovarian carcinoma Adv : HPE of it
Suspected ca ovary after resection
ovarian carcinoma masses
Gross : C/S revealing diffuse involvement with blackish areas intermingling with ? myxoid/mucoid areas.No hair,pultaceous material,tooth seen. Needs HPE to finalize the diagnosis.However Correlating with history given & gross, P/O : Metastatic Melanoma to the bilateral adnexae from primary in the skin. *Multiple primary cancers : Melanomas in skin & Malignancy in bilateral adnexae of different histologic type. Variant : ? Probably Myxoid Melanoma.*Advised Masson Fontana stain,IHC with HMB 45 & Alcian Blue & & *To correlate with HPE to r/o Melanoma arising in a Teratoma( Malignant Teratoma) OR Other/Non-Melanoma Ovarian Malignancy.
Suggestive of Ovarian metastatic malignancy Possibly melanoma (In view of history mentioned) and blackish gross apperarnce. Adv HP and IHC correlation
Ovarian melignency ?. Get her biopsy study. Follow accordingly.
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