5 years child inflammation penis insect bite what management


Fusigen cream for LA Ice application Syp Atarax 10 mg tds Syp ibugesic plus tds Syp cefadroxyl 250mg BD Complete bed rest
Levocetrizine, anti inflammatory and analgesic (Ibugesic plus paed) tab 100 bid Ice compression
Thanks! Dr.Ashok Leel
Syp. Cetrizine BD. Local application of ice. Refer to a surgeon if required
Ballooning of penis . Post insect bite . Give antihistamine n anti inflammatory
Antihistamines Anti-inflammatory Ice pack massage over there
Wash with warm water and use oral antihistaminic
Nothing to do Just give him analgesic and levicet
Antihistamine Antinflammatory Analgesics
Insect bite Atarax syrup. Ice packs locally.
Diligent cream for local application.
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